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Hargrave Publications

McLemore, D., and Hargrave, J.E. [in review], First Occurrence of Lithostrotion (Diphyphyllum) from the Mississippian Redwall Limestone in the Beaver Dam Mountains, Washington County, Utah. Submitted to The Compass, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. [Student Project]

Christensen, P.D. and Hargrave, J.E. [in review], Monitoring the Destruction and Natural Recovery of a Monsoon-Dominated Stream System after a Wildfire Damages its Watershed, Stout Canyon, Utah.  Geology of the Intermoutain West.  [Student Project]

Hargrave, J.E. (2015), “Building a Local Stratigraphic Column: A research-based assignment for an introductory course”, On the Cutting Edge - Strong Undergraduate Geoscience Teaching, National Association of Geosciences Teachers.

Cleveland, C.E., Hildebrand, T.J., MacLean, J.S., and Hargrave, J.E., 2015.  Insights into the Late Quaternary Paleoenvironment of Northwestern Arizona. Southwestern Naturalist: 60(1), p 15-20.  [Student Project]

Kirkland, J.I., Milner, A.R.C., Olsen, P.E., and Hargrave, J.E., 2014, The Whitmore Point Member of the Moenave Formation in its type area in northern Arizona and its age and correlation with the section in St. George, Utah—evidence for two major lacustrine sequences, in MacLean, J.S., Biek, R.F., and Huntoon, J.E., editors, Geology of Utah’s Far South: Utah Geological Association Publication 43, p. 321–356.

Hargrave, J.E., Hicks, M.K., and Scholz, C.A., 2014.  Lacustrine carbonates from Lake Turkana, Kenya: A depositional model of carbonates in an extensional basin.  Journal of Sedimentary Research: 84, p. 224-237.

Hargrave, J.E., 2007. Pteranodon (Reptilia: Pterosauria): Stratigraphic distribution and taphonomy in the lower Pierre Shale Group (Campanian), western South Dakota and eastern Wyoming, in Martin, J.E., and Parris, D.C., eds., The Geology and Paleontology of the Late Cretaceous Marine Deposits of the Dakotas: Geological Society of America Special Paper 427, p. 215–225.