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"UL Lafayette Geology provided a solid foundation for me to build a lifelong challenging career. Dr. Lock's subsurface class, paired with the industry sponsored subsurface project, allowed me to gain an understanding of the vast amounts of knowledge I could learn in the petroleum industry while having an economic impact for a company and my future career. There is a reason why so many USL/UL Lafayette geology alumni provide tons of support for the department that started their life long career.  I plan to provide the same support I saw while I was a student there."

- Hunter Sturlese, 2013; PetroQuest Energy- Gulf of Mexico Shelf

"I would recommend the UL Lafayette Geology program to anyone interested in petroleum geology. I had zero experience in oil and gas before going to UL Lafayette. The program is intense and fast paced with the opportunity to interact with industry professionals and gain actual petroleum geology experiences through the IBA experience and subsurface project. After completing the two year Master’s program I was able to hit the ground running in my new career as an Earth Scientist with Chevron. If you are interested in a career in oil and gas then the UL Lafayette Geology department is a great place to study."

- Joey Grimball, 2013; Chevron North America Exploration and Production - Gulf of Mexico Business Unit

“The decision to obtain both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from UL Lafayette has been incredibly beneficial towards my career. It was not until I entered the workforce that I realized what a special program we have at UL Lafayette. The curriculum is quite unique in that it focuses on teaching applicable knowledge and skills which will prepare their students for entering the oil and gas industry.  I have heard time and time again from managers who have hired UL Lafayette graduates that they are both amazed and excited at how well prepared these new hires are from day one. UL Lafayette graduates have the ability to step into their new positions and contribute immediately. “

- Blaine Cottam, 2007 & 2010; Freeport McMoRan O & G – Offshore and Onshore California (Santa Maria Basin)

"My decision to return to school in 2011 was a significant turning point in my career and my life. Having already received a B.S. in Business Administration from the B.I. Moody College of Business at UL Lafayette at Lafayette in 2008 and beginning a career in human resources, I instinctually always knew that I would return to UL Lafayette for another round of higher education in business. But it wasn’t until I met the late Dr. Griff Blakewood, who was filled with such passion and great conviction about conserving/preserving/saving the natural environment, did I realize that I was about to embark upon a new educational journey that would eventually lead to a fulfilling and successful career as an Environmental Scientist. During the two years that I studied environmental science at the School of Geosciences, I was able to learn from and work with some of the most professional, intelligent and passionate people that I have ever met, professors, administrative staff and students alike. The environmental science curriculum was unique in that it offered a variety of technical and soft science courses that in my opinion not only contributed to my love and vast knowledge of the environment, but prepared me for a career in environmental consulting. I will carry the knowledge and experiences that I acquired from the UL Lafayette Environmental Science Program with me for the remainder of my life, and I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in developing a deep reverence for the natural world and pursuing a career in environmental science.

- Amber Robinson, 2012; Environmental Scientist, HDR, Inc. – Lafayette, LA

“In my opinion, the UL Lafayette School of Geosciences was one of the most valuable learning experiences in my career. Studying at UL Lafayette provided me the opportunity to learn from a unique collaboration of both academic and industry experts in a petroleum focused curriculum.”

- Kevin Jordan, 2012; Shell UA – Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

“I am extremely happy with my decision to attend the School of Geosciences at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. My undergraduate geology education was excellent, but I graduated with little knowledge of petroleum geoscience or and connection with the oil and gas industry. However, after two years at UL Lafayette I was prepared to start my career in the industry. The Imperial Barrel Award program at UL Lafayette was an exceptional learning experience. The IBA program allowed me to develop the skills I needed to earn an internship with a local independent oil and gas company and eventually a full-time position with ExxonMobil. Even though the school has lots of resources and is expanding with a PhD program, it still maintains a small department feeling where I had the opportunity to regularly interact one-on-one with all of my professors. Thanks UL Lafayette Geoscience!”

- Mike Lahey, 2013; ExxonMobil

“When I began my M.S. at UL Lafayette, I was very concerned that my transition from an industry professional to a graduate student would be difficult, but that wasn't the case at all. I continued to work as an industry professional as an intern for a local oil company, received thesis support from the company, and attended local industry meetings on a monthly basis.  The opportunities within Lafayette and the geology program helped meet my needs as both a young industry professional and as a student, and I am very grateful for these opportunities.

- Katy Jensen-Doescher, Spring 2013; Occidental Petroleum-- Bakersfield, Ca

“I began my career at University of Louisiana at Lafayette, where I received both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Not only did I receive great hands on field experience with the geology field camps, but also great work experience from the subsurface mapping class and project. This subsurface project matches students with local members of the Lafayette Geological Society (LGS). Working with an LGS member, introduced me to the exploration process and gave me the opportunity to network with industry professionals. I am extremely honored and proud to have gone to UL Lafayette.”

- Nicole Lewczynski-Cottam, 2007 & 2010; Schlumberger – Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

“I received both my B.S. and M.S. in Geology at UL Lafayette, and it was the best thing I could have done for my career. I participated in both the Subsurface Mapping project and the Imperial Barrel Award Competition.  These experiences gave me a firsthand experience of what to expect once out of school.  Not only are there great scholastic opportunities, but a wealth of industry support in town with a healthy network of earth science professionals that are very involved in mentoring and supporting students. The curriculum is tailored to the oil and gas industry, which provided my career path with a strong foundation, being capable of valuable contribution from day one."

- Kaare Egedahl, 2012; Freeport-McMoRan Oil & Gas - Gulf of Mexico - Deepwater Development

“The UL Lafayette School of Geosciences curriculum directly prepared me for a career in the Oil and Gas Industry.  The ability to be taught by professors who work with the Oil and Gas Industry helped me because they were able to craft their courses around the expectations of the Oil and Gas Industry. The professors emphasized the smallest things by constantly relating course material to the petroleum geosciences and they emphasized the largest things like internships and the Imperial Barrel Award program."

- Adam Kruse, 2012; Chesapeake Energy Corporation - Geologist-Southern Division Exploration

My time as a Bachelor’s student in the Environmental Science Dept. at UL Lafayette provided me with invaluable experience for my future as a graduate student, professional scientist, and (most importantly) steward of the environment. Not only was the faculty always willing to take an interest in my questions as a student, their diverse research topics allowed me insight into a broad range of potential career paths. Further, the eclectic group of courses offered provided me with a holistic view of environmental science and compliance, and the content of these courses has proven time and time again to have real-world relevance. I was fortunate enough to work as an intern at the Institute for Coastal Ecology and Engineering (ICEE), where I gained valuable field and lab experience, as well as being part of a professional research group. It was during my time at UL Lafayette that I learned I could actually get paid to do what I love! I look back on my years there fondly, and am forever indebted to the faculty and staff who aided in my educational, professional, and personal development.

- Adam J Constantin, 2014; USGS National Wetlands Research Center

“My career in the Oil and Gas industry has benefited greatly by the education and experience provided in the UL Lafayette Geology program. The hand-on style of the subsurface class taught by Dr. Lock was a great foundation to start building knowledge. The summer subsurface project and the monthly Lafayette Geological Society (LGS) luncheons/events provided excellent mentorships and networking opportunities. The highlight of my time in the UL Lafayette geology program was my participation in the IBA competition, where I was able to gain invaluable experience in exploration, development, and presentation.”

- Daniel Dudley, 2012; Schlumberger – Houston

“I entered the graduate program at UL Lafayette with a professional background in environmental science and sought out an institution that had a reputable petroleum geoscience program. My decision to attend UL Lafayette has rewarded me greatly with an exciting career and a standard of professionalism that I try to emulate. The curriculum consists of a nice balance of a traditional academic experience with an industry related focus. My attendance at UL Lafayette offered me endless opportunities to network with industry professionals and academic experts. Besides the professors in the geoscience department, Lafayette is a town with a lot active alumni and professionals that donate their time for the students to have a memorable experience. “       

- Aaron Summerfield, 2013; ConocoPhillips- Houston, TX - Niobrara – Rockies Business Unit

My education at the University of Louisiana Lafayette fully immersed me in the vast spectrum of geology and the understanding of the Earth. The professors and staff at UL Lafayette perpetuate a robust multidimensional perspective of geology. There is no differentiation in the significance of studying hard rock vs. soft rock – there resonates only an intense passion for the geosciences. I cannot express in words how lucky I am to have been provided the opportunity to pursue my master’s at UL Lafayette. I was incredibly fortunate to have been a member of the winning Imperial Barrel Award team representing the department in 2014. UL Lafayette competes every year and has placed 1st in the world twice. No other school has done this. Any student who actively seeks to further their understanding of the Earth and its processes should pursue an opportunity to study at the University of Louisiana Lafayette. 

- Sam Ely; 2015; Geologist – Cabot Oil and Gas