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Seminar Series


Geosciences Seminars 
Hamilton Hall 116 @ 3.30 pm


Name Organization Topic Date
Dr. Daniel Friess Tulane University Blue Carbon as a Natural Climate Solution September 14
Dr. Songyang Zhang University of Louisiana at Lafayette Machine Learning and Signal Processing over Hyperspectral Graphs: From Theoretical Foundations to Practical Applications September 28
Dr. Francesca Messina The Water Institute Numerical Modelling Tools to Support and Restore Coastal Louisiana and Its Communities October 12

Dr. Eric Conell
Physics Nobel Laureate 2001

University of Colorado Boulder

TBD October 24
Nawi Flores Soil Health Institute TBD - Soil Science & Internship Opportunities October 26 (tentative)
Dr. Kathryn Denommee ExxonMobil CO2 sequestration at Pecan Island November 2
Dr. Eric Ferre' University of Louisiana at Lafayette Maghemitization of titanomagnetite, submarine alteration, and marine magnetic anomalies in the Vøring Basin, North Atlantic November 16
Dr. Qiusheng Wu University of Tennessee, Amazon Visiting Academic, Senior Research Fellow at the United Nations University Automated Segmentation of Remote Sensing Imagery with the Segment Anything Model March 2024


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