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School of Geosciences Seminar Series

Geosciences Seminars @ 1 pm
Hamilton Hall 108

Name Topics Date Format
Howard Mielke Getting the lead in, out, and beyond: Curtailing legacy lead matters! 8/27/21 in person
Marcus Coleman An examination of retail-Level purchasing behavior for healthful food in Louisiana 9/10/21 zoom @1.30pm
Gavin Robb Current state and future perspectives of wind energy 10/1/21 in person
Mary Broussard The Successful Geoscientist: Using Your Understanding of Geology When Interpreting Seismic Data 10/4/21 In person @4pm
Maxine Levin Industrial composting in Mongolia 10/22/21 in person
Matthew Hayek Emission reductions through food choices 10/29/21 in person
Timnit Kefela Microplastics in the environment 11/5/21 zoom
Bingqing Liu Quantifying potential coastal carbon sinks of Louisiana’s habitats 11/19/21 in person


Geophysics Forum

Name Topic Date Format
Wenbo Wu - Caltech Seismic Ocean Thermometry 9/17/21 Zoom @ 11 am
Kang Hao - Petroleum LLC TBD 11/12/21 Zoom @ 10 am