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Geosciences Seminar Series

School of Geosciences Seminar Series
Fridays - HH115 – 1:30 pm


31 Jan - Rodney B Yantis (UL Lafayette) - This seminar will be in HH108 at 1:00 pm - Advancing geospatial science education using no cost Landsat as a base to build story map applications while enhancing the “remote sensing art gallery exhibit

7 Feb - Mark Kulp (UNO)Old data used in new ways: industry-based seismic data used to evaluate the effect of Cenozoic faults on Holocene strata of lakes Borgne and Pontchartrain, Louisiana 

28 Feb - Jeremy Deans (USM)Fe-Ti oxides in the footwall of oceanic core complexes: Opening the mylonitic window

13 Mar - Davin Wallace (USM) - TBD

20 Mar - Gary Kinsland (UL Lafayette)LIDAR Images and Histories of Geomorphic Features Around Lafayette--Prelude to a Field Trip

27 Mar - Sylvia Dee (Rice U.)On the reliability of the el Niño-southern oscillation over the last millennium

3 Apr - Leonardo Macelloni (USM) - TBD

24 Apr -  Colin Jackson (Tulane U.)Core formation and magma ocean outgassing set planetary S/N ratios

1 May - Elham Hosseinzadehsabeti - TBD