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Scholarships offered by the School of Geosciences

Each year the Geology and Environmental Sciences programs offers scholarship support to qualifying UL students. The awards are available to both Graduate and Undergraduate students at all levels of their academic careers.

To apply for a scholarship, dowload the appropriate Application Form and e-mail your application(s) to Ms. Rachel M Eastin-Hughes (Geology) or Ms. Nadean Bienvenu (Environmental Sciences)

Geology Scholarships (Application form)

Scholarship name Amount $
Nolan J. Badeaux Endowed Geology Scholarship 5,200
Joe Battle/LGS Memorial Geology Scholarship 1,900
Bill & Heather Finley Endowed Geosciences Scholarship 3,100
Chevron - Gulf oil Foundation Endowed Geoplogy Schol. 600
Eberhardt E. Leschin Endowed Scholarship 1,400
Marvin & Hazel Harvey Morris Endowed Scholarship 600
Bill Paine/LGS Endowed Scholarship 7,200
Pogo Producing Company Endowed Scholarship 900
Walter James Rudick Endowed Schol. in Earth Sciences 3,300
Paul M. Toce Endowed Geology Scholarship 6,400
Tim Dore Geology Scholarship 8,900
Hugh Allen Bernard Memorial Scholarship 2,500

In addition, our faculty mentor students to apply for scholarship and research support from the following organizations:

AAPG (American Asssociation of Petroleum Geologists)
AWG (Association of Women Geologists)
Desk and Derrick
GSA (Geological Society of America)
SIPES (Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists)
SWLGS (Southwestern Louisiana Geophysical Society)

Environmental Sciences Scholarships (Application form)

Scholarship name Amount $
Charles and Julia Walker Bourque endowed scholarship 1,200
Mary Sandoz Brown endowed scholarship 2,000
Overton Cade memorial endowed scholarship 1,000
Farmers merchants bank and trust co endowed scholarship 1,700
Joel L Fletcher endowed scholarship in environmental science 1,100
Dr. Gonzales/Dean Fletcher endowed scholarship 2,100
J. C. Higginbotham endowed schsp in environmental science 2,400
Charles Joseph Miller & Vivian Miller end sch in env science 8,300
Tommy Sander endowed scholarship 3,800
Dr. S. L. & Mrs. G. A. Solymosy memorial endowed award 6,300
South LA mid-winter fair assoc. Endowed schsp in env science 7,600
UL Lafayette collegiate FFA endowed scholarship 800