Research With the Best

Our faculty members are diligently working to look further into the past and figure out how that affects our future.

Study under environmental science and geology leaders  — and you can conduct research alongside them, too.

Be Hands-On

With our geology and environmental science programs, you won't find yourself sitting in a classroom the whole time you're at UL Lafayette.

You'll be in labs, in the field, and getting your hands dirty. If you want your education to be a hands-on experience, look no further.

Wetland on Campus

Students at UL Lafayette have the greatest classroom in the world for learning about wetland ecosystems and management—Cypress Lake.

By observing, examining, and engaging with this environment, students understand the balance of nature and what humans can do to protect it—and help it thrive.

School of Geosciences

The UL Lafayette School of Geosciences is training the next generation of scientists while leading research and discovery to solve energy, sustainability and environmental challenges.  

Learn it all in south Louisiana, where exploration for energy is rooted, and where more than 40% of the country's wetlands are.

Our faculty and student-led research is known around the world. Our student team is the only one in the world that has won the prestigious International Imperial Barrel Award three times. We have revolutionized detecting CO2 levels, giving us a way to look 400 million years into the past. Plus, we're curators of the Geology Museum, a place to research and exhibit fossils, minerals, and rocks.

There is a skyrocketing demand for environmental and earth scientists. We equip our graduates with the tools they need to have high-paying and rewarding careers while addressing complex global problems. Nationwide, geoscience majors have a 99.04% rate of employment and a median salary of $93,580.



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Undergraduate Programs

Our undergraduate majors combine foundational coursework with hands-on lab and field experiences.

Geology Major          Environmental Science Major

Graduate Programs

Graduate students in the School of Geosciences take on interdisciplinary coursework and original research.

Master's in Geology      MS in Environmental Resource Science

PhD in Earth & Energy Sciences         



Our research looks to the past to find solutions for the future.

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