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Rock, paper, rocksaw…

Hello All!

Our partnership with the Energy Institute of Louisiana, directed by Dr. Mark Zappi, has made possible the acquisition of two new rock saws (tile saw and slab saw). This new equipment is now accessible to trained geoscientists who need to cut rocks for their research or teaching. The largest saw, fitted with a 24” diamond blade, uses ethylene glycol as lubricant and coolant. The smallest saw, fitted with a 10” diamond blade uses water as lubricant and coolant.

Husqvarna 10” tile saw

The two saws are located in Stokes Hall and can be accessed through an electronic lock to the building and a key to the enclosure. Training prior to the use of this equipment is mandatory. Training sessions will be organized by Dr. Gottardi and Dr. Ferré starting in March 2019. Users will also have to familiarize themselves with the MSDS information related to ethylene glycol, wear safety goggles during use, and complete a user log book. The enclosure also comes with sturdy core racks for temporary storage of cores.