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Building Local Content Through Education

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In the last few years, Dr. Davide Oppo took part in a project to build local content at the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), Tanzania. While working at the University of Aberdeen (UK), Dr. Oppo spent about half the year in Africa as a fully integrated academic member of UDSM.

The final goal was to develop a capacity-building initiative to improve the quality of UDSM courses in Petroleum Geosciences by training both local students and less experienced faculty.

This challenging and new approach to capacity building produced incredible rewards for all the involved parties. On one side, UDSM was exposed to different teaching styles and course organization that will be treasured in the upcoming years. On the other side, Dr. Oppo gained a life experience and sharpened his multicultural teaching skills.

We have recently published the story and idea behind this project in an article on GEOExPRO Magazine