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A Tectonic Shift in Analytics and Computing Is Coming

Our faculty Gabriele Morra published a Science Update article on EOS about the future of supercomputing and machine learning in geosciences.

Dr. Morra describes how artificial intelligence combined with high-performance computing will trigger a fundamental change in how geoscientists extract knowledge from the large volumes of data that will be available in the next decade.

The work is in collaboration with colleagues of Colorado School of Mines, State University of New York, ETH Zürich; Los Alamos National Laboratory,  Scripps Institution of Oceanography; University of Colorado Boulder and Columbia University.

Citation: Morra, G., E. Bozdag, M. Knepley, L. Räss, and V. Vesselinov (2021), A tectonic shift in analytics and computing is coming, Eos, 102, Published on 04 June 2021.