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Geophysics Forum on Zoom, March 18th, 11 AM by Ron Kerr

We are very glad to have Mr. Ron Kerr to give a talk on seismic processing at March 18th 11 AM.

Seismic processing is a critical, but largely hidden world of exploration. Many examples of seismic interpretation are available: for uses in oil/gas, geothermal, mining. However practical examples of seismic processing are less common. How is it done? What are some of the basics for getting from raw field data to those pretty images on my workstation? Or worse, why is the seismic data so ugly on my workstation? Seismic processing is a mix of science and art.
In this presentation, I’ll show – in practical examples – major steps in processing land seismic data; perhaps you’ll learn something about those terms you’ve heard of but don’t know much about. I’ll conclude by showing a recent geothermal seismic project from South Dakota.

Ron Kerr – Bio
B.S. (Texas A&M) and M.S. (University of Houston) degrees in geophysics. Over 30 years in the industry, almost exclusively in seismic processing (hands-on processing and supervisory quality control). Served 8 years on the SEG scholarship committee, helping to identify and financially aid remarkable students worldwide. Currently a seismic processing consultant based in Houston, working for various industry clients. Also writing a seismic processing blog on LinkedIn under the name “Houston Seismic”.

Please, contact Dr. Rui Zhang to have access to the Zoom meeting link