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Dr. Jorge Villa is the new College of Sciences Rising Star

Dr. Jorge Villa, Assistant Professor at the School of Geosciences, has received the College of Sciences Rising Star Award. This award shows his significant research impact and well-earned respect among students and peers.

Dr. Villa's research, supported by the Department of Energy and the RESTORE Act Center of Excellence for Louisiana, investigates methane emissions from wetlands aiming to improve our understanding of global greenhouse gas dynamics.

He's also investigating how microbes play a role in soil carbon cycling within these wetlands, offering insights into their contribution to carbon management. Another facet of his work looks into the immediate impacts of saltwater intrusion on carbon fluxes in freshwater marsh environments, aiming to gauge the short-term effects of such changes and explore how these ecosystems cope with environmental stress.

Dr. Villa's efforts are making strides in environmental science, particularly in understanding and protecting Louisiana's fragile wetland ecosystems. His recognition as a Rising Star speaks to his contribution to the field and hints at the exciting discoveries his future work may bring.