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Get to know your advisor before you need help!

You will be assigned an advisor who will likely be your primary contact person for academic information and advice while you are at the University. Your advisor knows your academic requirements and is committed to helping you move toward your career goals. Information about graduate schools, internships, career opportunities, and job availability in your area of study are where your advisor can help you.

The advising session for continuing students occurs in March for summer/fall and in October for spring. During this time advisors are available for advising for these semesters. After the two-week advising session, advisors are available, by appointment only, until the last day of classes for the semester. Advising sessions may differ among departments.

Advising during the intersession period for transfer and re-entry students is done in the major department or dean's office. If advisors are not available in the major department or dean's office, transfer and re-entry students with 45 hours or less may come to the Academic Success Center, room 115 in Lee Hall, for assistance.

What forms/papers do I need for my advising appointment?

Advising forms are available in the main offices (Hamilton Hall 323, Environmental Sciences, Hamilton Hall 328, Geology). You can find the major checklist to stay on top of your requirements before advising!

Geology B.S.

Ms. Kristie Cornell
Hamilton Hall, Room 325


Dr. Jennifer Hargrave
Hamilton Hall, Room 327

Geology M.S.

Dr. Carl Richter
Hamilton Hall, Room 314

Environmental Sciences B.S.

Dr. Jorge Villa
Hamilton Hall, Room 329

Environmental Resource Science M.S.

Dr. Durga Poudel
Phone: 337-482-6163
Hamilton Hall, Room 308