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Extreme Events

Chicxulub Impact and Tsunami

Seismic image of megaripples generated by the Chicxulub tsunami

When the K/P bolide impacted in the shallow waters of the northwestern Yucatan Peninsula, tsunamis were generated in the Gulf of Mexico.  We have imaged in seismic data from northern-central Louisiana megaripples formed by these tsunamis (now buried 5000 ft. below the surface). (Dr. Kinsland)

Tsunami and extreme waves sedimentology

Sampling of a paleo-tsunami deposit in Tanzania, East Africa

We focus on tsunami and storm sedimentation, in an effort not only to understand how to identify ancient catastrophes from their deposits but to determine how large those catastrophes were and the processes acting on their sediments after deposition. (Dr. Oppo)

Chicxulub Impact and mass transport deposits

Core through the K/P boundary deposit

Around the northern Gulf of Mexico mass transport deposits were formed by the impact of the K/P bolide.  These deposits were capped by fallback of ejecta from the atmosphere and buried by Paleogene shales. Our core records this entire sequence. (Dr. Kinsland)